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Welcome to my deviantART account!

First I'd like to thank everyone who's following me so far, I really appreciate it. :heart:

I'm not new to dA. Previously I had two accounts, one with my photos, the second with my drawings etc. My lack of creativity, time (for a while) and lots of frustration in the former, made me kind of ignoring this site for a long time. Recently I got myself to work a bit on a drawing I had not finished, just to get a bit in the mood again. I don't want to be all hasty.
Also, I think I needed this "hiatus". To get clear about certain things. What got me frustrated after a long time I had not done something, was seeing all that great work others do. But comparing yourself with them is dangerious for your creativity. There'll always be someone you think is better than you. Hell, in my circle of friends I have lots of artsy people who have mad skills, whether it be pencils, a camera or their weapon of choice. Even that was frustrating and depressing. And it's still every now and then. I do envy them (in a good way). And just looking at shortly submited art could drive you crazy sometimes.

I can't compare myself to others. I am me, I have my mind and creativity thus what I create is special in my way.
And what comes out - comes out.

Some people might like it, some don't. Some will just ignore it due to a lack of interest.
As long as those people I care about give me some feedback on it, I'm (or should be (: ) happy .

The last time I got angry about people having a great equipment but doing nothing much with it.
Then again I thought... isn't it the same with me? I do have the equipment called "creativity" but the utmost I did with it the last time was packing gifts, decorating letters, writing RP (which isn't that bad lol) or things like that.
But I felt like wasting it and it would cripple with every moment I don't use it.
Through the change in my self esteem (which still is not as high as it should be, I guess), I became more aware of myself and what I am capable of doing.
And I do know, I can draw somewhat good. And I don't want to lose this.

And all of this mainly is why I decided to make a new account and start from zero.

So I'm making a quick resolution for this year now: BE MORE CREATIVE. DRAW, TAKE PICTURES OR WHATEVER.

(I am using Instagram a lot, it's pretty fun and I can at least feel a bit creative sometimes. Haha!)

But I hope I can stick to my words.

If you read through all of this: Thanks a lot! :heart:
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A4Lien Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow! You wrote my feelings O.O
All those big stars and pros, sometime there were little noobs like us... so it doesn't matter.
because creativity doesn't live of perfectionism but of variety... and good ideas and a sense of beauty grow in the heads of pros and noobs alike :)
cassiopeiathestrange Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2012
It's good to hear someone feels the same. Even I know there are a actually a lot of people like us, and even the pros feel like that, I guess. XD

True words! :heart:
J-u-d-a-s Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012
Look forward to your new works! we are all learning here~! :hug:
cassiopeiathestrange Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012
Thanks a lot! :)

That's true!
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